Letter from Michelle Obama to Ethiopian Women’s English Clubs

When I began a Women’s English Club at my host institution of Ambo University in 2014, I never thought that it would continue to provide opportunities for all involved over a year later.  From seeing President Obama speak at the African Union in 2015 to being on a panel at TESOL as it pertained to the work we are doing in Ethiopia in 2016, I have been honored to be a leader of sorts for these young, empowered women I work with.  Wishing to share our success on a larger scale, I wrote a letter to Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) about the work we have done both inside as well as outside the classroom, as she too has vested interest in girls’ education, having started a number of positive initiatives through her capacity as an ambassador of gender equality.

Last week I received a package from the White House addressed to the Women’s Club which included a letter, two signed photos, and a stack of personalized postcards, all of which will act as continued motivation for these young women.  Last year I received a letter from my Congressman, but clearly, this trumps that, as the work we do within the Women’s Club is a direct reflection of the priorities of the First Lady and a testament to what empowered students can do, regardless of their circumstances…


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